WELCOME organizes trainings and language courses for companies and institutional clients who wish to improve the language skills of their employees. Courses are conducted at various levels of language proficiency from beginner to advanced.

WELCOME provides comprehensive support for company training. The syllabus is prepared after careful analysis of the client’s language needs and assessing the client’s level of language proficiency. After determining the level and needs, we define the objectives to be achieved during the implementation of the course.

On the basis of the collected data we make divisions into groups. Customers are divided into groups in terms of skills and needs.
Tests carried out regularly by the duration of the course, provide control of the students’ progress.
At the end of training, we present the final report of the training, a description of the students’ language skills along with suggestions for further development of language training participants.
Prices of courses for companies and institutions are established after careful determination of the individual needs of trainees, its topic and syllabus.
They also depend on the number of course participants.


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